1) start by showing your resume first, talk about your background
2) ask questions, be inquisitive, show interest in your reviewer – your interviewing them as they are interviewing you
3) edit your portfolio based on the type of work the firm does
(if your interviewing for a publication job show mostly publication work)
4) it’s good to show preliminary sketches with one project
5) include a summary of each project, include the goals, intent, audience, medium
6) have something to say about each project don’t just sit there white the person looks through your book, be engaging.
7) have 12-15 works in your book
8) place your best work up front and at the end
9) display your work in a book that is no larger than 11×14″ (8.5×11″ is the norm)
10) don’t over or under-dress, make note of how others dress at the firm
11) do research – learn as much as you can about the individual or firm before you go to the interview
12) display your work in it’s appropriate format, if your interviewing for a web design job show work on screen
13) give your interviewer a leave behind
14) ask for your interviewers business card and see if it’s okay for you to check back with them later
15) mail or email them a thank you after the interview
16) realize that your work isn’t everything, it’s equally important that you have a good rapore with your interviewer