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January 5, 2017 - Comments Off on National Design Shows

National Design Shows

As many graphic designers, I occasionally enter work in annuals and shows. After all it’s inexpensive self promotion, and good for a designer’s spirit to share work with an audience of piers. Recently while viewing a prominent design annual, I became concerned that much of the work today is becoming increasingly difficult to grasp. I often find myself questioning whether the designer’s true goal is to sell the concept being displayed; or to demonstrate less functional ephemera, which interests only other designers. After all, most true target audiences care more about being able to grasp an idea quickly versus deciphering a mystical, all be it unique design. In this postmodern era it’s easy to hide behind the curtains of “philosophy” and “concept” neglecting the fundamentals of true design. Being aware of ones influences is critical as long as it doesn’t cause one to neglect his or her audience. Often the most successful work is unique, yet still doesn’t alienate ones audience. This tends to be extremely important today in web design. The average user will stay on a web page for two seconds. If the designer doesn’t conform to certain standard norms users are will quickly exit the page quickly. If work doesn’t communicate a clear and unique message it has a strong likely hood of being lost in the landfall of media.

January 5, 2017 - Comments Off on Inspirational Resources

Inspirational Resources

From time to time we all find ourselves faced with a creative wall. Some of us are able to bound the wall with ease while others have trouble overcoming this obstacle. So how do we become creatively fit? While there is no one answer to this conundrum there is a simple way to get those wheels turning. Get inspired by others! Here is a list of some great websites that offer just that.

No need to scour the web looking for inspiration when the users of FFFFound (yes that’s 4-F’s) will collect it for you. The results are sometimes odd, sometimes funny, but always inspiring. Just don’t get inspired for too long.

The place to go when looking for poster or graphical inspiration has to be GigPosters. The site has a huge collection of posters that only gets larger by the day.

Not only a great place to put up an online portfolio but also a great website that showcases works across many different media in a clean and easy to consume fashion.

Lovely Package
If what you need is packaging ideas then Lovely Package has you covered. Professional and great student work is aggregated here.

Typography Served
Get your type on at Typography Served with fantastic type work, sculptural lettering, and font creations.

We Love Typography
The world of type is so expansive that there is enough material still to be covered and that is where We Love Typography comes in.