Don’t go into an interview without knowing your audience. What type of work does the agency specialize in? What type of clients do they have? Is the work environment casual or professional?  Is their work traditional, contemporary or postmodern? If possible ask them what they like to see in a portfolio.  If you are interviewing at a trendy postmodern agency you may want to leave out some of your more conservative work. In the end know your audience and adjust your portfolio accordingly. So what exactly do you put in your portfolio?

I recommend -

  • 10-15 pieces
  • use some sort of organizational system with a spine (such as a portfolio with a built in spine or a book)
  •  limit display to no larger than 11″x17″ in size (makes is easier to manage and transport)
  • display work in proper format (web designers will want to see work on screen and print designers want to see print)
  • show your resume first before showing your work
  • have a leave behind ready such as a business card

Remember interviews work both ways. You should be interviewing them as they are interviewing you. Ask lots of questions and make sure you’ll fit well with the other staff.