Website Design &
Consulting Package
for YL


I will design a Squarespace website design that is visually engaging and dynamic, which will in-turn generate website traffic and more sales. The site will fit your unique personality and character. Using visually strong and large images will be key to the success of a good site. If you haven’t done so recently, I strongly recommend you do a professional photoshoot and get some personal and/or family photos for the homepage (as seen on For your logo I recommend select a font style and I can help you set the type and turn it into a logo. You can test out free type faces for your new logo at


Part 1 - planning
Part 2 - design
Part 3 - training
Part 4 - marketing and site launch


  1. site setup using squarespace that is responsive and works well on a desktop and mobile devices
  2. work with you to create a custom logotype which will be the cornerstone of your brand 
  3. Design the site homepage, a couple blog posts, and one subpage  which will will help establish your brand direction. 
  4. Train you how to input content, blog posts, and photos on the other subpages. I will proof the pages and give guidance on how to make them as visually pleasing as possible.
  5. single membership page with one password that you can share, so you can sell products, etc. 
  6. Mailchimp email integration with custom mailchimp newsletter template (training included)
  7. social media button integration
  8. work together to develop a long term strategy that includes a blogging, social networking, and time management
  9. train on how to use social networking program to update all social networking sites at once
  10. website search engine optimization (seo)

    Optional Hi-End Membership Area - Integrate powerful membership area. Users can change change password, be given different rolls, and be assigned membership for a particular duration.


Generally, most agencies charge $125 an hour and the starting rate for a basic site with no extras or training is normally around $6000. Most agencies and freelancers using WordPress charge a $200 a month maintenance fee. I require no monthly maintenance fee. 

Typically, I can complete a website and train you how to use it in 5 weeks. (as long as you have your text and photos ready to go).  I rarely go over budget, if I do it’s because the scope of the project has changed and the client ask for addtional features not inlcuded in this proposal. I always warn clients if a new feature will take the project over budget. I keep track of my hours while working and I rarely go over budget unless we have new or unexpected items added to the plan. I charge a base hourly rate of $65 an hour. This is an average rate for a freelance web designer. 

Package Cost:  $5000
Optional Hi-End Membership Area:  $1000

Please let me know if you have any questions by emailing me at or calling at 205.456.1414.