As many graphic designers, I occasionally enter work in annuals and shows. After all it’s inexpensive self promotion, and good for a designer’s spirit to share work with an audience of piers. Recently while viewing a prominent design annual, I became concerned that much of the work today is becoming increasingly difficult to grasp. I often find myself questioning whether the designer’s true goal is to sell the concept being displayed; or to demonstrate less functional ephemera, which interests only other designers. After all, most true target audiences care more about being able to grasp an idea quickly versus deciphering a mystical, all be it unique design. In this postmodern era it’s easy to hide behind the curtains of “philosophy” and “concept” neglecting the fundamentals of true design. Being aware of ones influences is critical as long as it doesn’t cause one to neglect his or her audience. Often the most successful work is unique, yet still doesn’t alienate ones audience. This tends to be extremely important today in web design. The average user will stay on a web page for two seconds. If the designer doesn’t conform to certain standard norms users are will quickly exit the page quickly. If work doesn’t communicate a clear and unique message it has a strong likely hood of being lost in the landfall of media.