Successful Design

Successful design must be unqiuely laser focused on a specific target audience. Clarity and consistency of message is paramount. Sadly, the world is filled with non-professionally produced mediocre design that is often skipped over by a digitally overloaded society.

Good Design Must

  • add value to any brand
  • have a memorable "wow" factor
  • make information easy to find and understand
  • be typographically interesting, yet easy to read
  • have a focused consistency that helps with brand awareness
  • make user interactions quick and as easy as possible (human centered)
  • has an strong ROI because of it's immediate and direct impact on client perception
  • can be proven through proper use of analytics
  • be taylor crafted to it's target auidence

3 Step Design Process

  1. discovery -  Collaboratively develop a plan to help further the clients business goals. 
  2. design - Creation phase which includes an opportunity for ample client feedback.
  3. implimentation -  Includes marketing, training, analytics, and testing. 

Art Direction

I have over 20 years of experience in design and art direction. I thrive on finding ways to help clients achieve goals. I have a entrepreneurial background and often advise clients on ways to streamline business processes that relate to "design thinking". Over the years I have formed invaluable friendships with developers, search engine optimization (seo) experts, and writers whom regularly assist me on projects. In my other life I'm a Professor of Graphic Design and Chair of the Art Department at Samford University in Birmingham AL. I love traveling with my wife Timarie and our son Finn. Please follow me at one of the following sites. 

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Bottom Line

I enjoy hearing about client needs and I would be happy to sit down (free of charge) and chat with you about your project. I always provide a detailed quote that spell out all expectations, due dates, and costs. I never go over budget unless something is changed or added midway through a project. I charge $65 an hour which is a average rate for a freelance graphic designer. I have won dozens of design awards and I hope I can make award winning work for you. Please feel free to email me at or call me at 205-456-1414 for a free consultation. 



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